Thursday, 29 December 2011

PPC Program

One more program PPC from Indonesia namely Like the PPC Program PPC, also as an alternative PPC program in Indonesian language making it very easy for us to process registration and setting its advertising on the blog.

Commission publisher that has reached a minimum value for Rp 100,000, - or USD 10 and had complete data destination account payment will be paid at the beginning of next month through Paypal and BCA or Mandiri bank account. advantages are:
- Using Indonesian language
- The system is 'user-friendly' facilitate you in making the ad.
- Occurrence of the relevant advertising
- Commission based on Alexa Rank higher (50% for the publisher)
- Large selection of ad formats (Banner, Text & Link)
- Colors can be set up its own advertising
- An account can be used for UNLIMITED websites
- Publisher can block specific ads
- Provides statistics Complete

Once we signed up we can put an ad to suit your blog design or according to our wishes.

Address for registration is: